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Types of Dentures Available

Struggling with tooth loss? Replacing missing teeth with dentures enhances your smile, helps you chew food, improves your speech, and provides support to your facial muscles. Here at American Family & Cosmetic Dentistry in New Port Richey, FL, Dr. Ahmed Mostafa offers high-quality, natural-looking dentures to the patients they serve. Read on to find out what types of dentures are available to you!

#1 Complete Denture- Complete dentures are the obvious choice for people who have already lost all of their teeth. The fitting process begins with impressions being taken of the gums to make form-fitting denture plates. A series of follow-up appointments are necessary to make adjustments. This is important to ensure a proper fit when eating and talking, as well as when at rest.

#2 Partial Denture- Partial dentures are suitable for those who have some teeth remaining. Partial dentures have an acrylic base, metal framework, and clasps that connect to the teeth. This denture fills in the spaces created by missing teeth and prevents the existing teeth from drifting out of place. Partial dentures will make it easier for you to speak and chew, as well as maintain the shape of your face.

#3 Overdenture- An overdenture is attached to either two traditional dental implants or mini dental implants. These implants help to stabilize the overdenture, further fixing it in place and allowing patients to go about their daily lives with confidence. Overdentures also prevent jawbone loss by providing regular stimulation to the bone.

#4 Immediate Denture- Immediate dentures are partial or complete dentures inserted on the same day as a tooth extraction. As a result, patients don't have to be without teeth during the healing period.

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