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Your Tooth Replacement Options

When it comes to restoring your smile, several tooth replacement options are available. Dentures, crowns, and bridgework, and dental implants are three popular methods for replacing lost teeth. At American Family and Cosmetic Dentistry in New Port Richey, several types of dentures are available, as well as other tooth replacement options. Our experienced dentist, Dr. Ahmed Mostafa, can help you select the best option for you.


Dentures are an effective option for replacing several teeth at a time. Several types of dentures are available. The type that is right for you will depend on your needs, as well as how many teeth need to be replaced. Partial dentures are appropriate when replacing just a few teeth along an arch, while full or complete dentures are best when replacing the teeth along an entire arch.

Types of partial dentures include transitional and removable. Transitional partial dentures are meant to be worn temporarily while waiting for the gums to heal following tooth extraction. Removable partial dentures are custom made for the best possible fit and are meant to be worn long-term.

There are three types of full dentures, including immediate and conventional dentures, as well as implant-supported overdentures. Immediate full dentures are worn temporarily while recovering from tooth extraction. Conventional full dentures and implant-supported overdentures can both be worn long-term. Our dentist can discuss your denture options at our office in New Port Richey.

Crowns and Bridgework 

Bridgework anchored by dental crowns is another effective option for replacing missing teeth. A dental bridge is used when replacing a few teeth along the top or bottom arch. Crowns on each end of the bridge help hold it securely in place. In between the crowns are pontics, which are the artificial teeth that fill in the gaps where natural teeth are missing. The crowns can be placed over existing teeth on either side of the gap or they can be connected to dental implants if there are no natural teeth in that area.

Dental Implants 

Dental implants are one of the most secure tooth replacement options available today. What makes dental implants so secure is that they are placed in the jaw bone and naturally fuse with the bone over time. Since dental implants become permanently anchored in bone, they are able to securely hold artificial teeth in place, much like a root anchors a natural tooth. Types of replacement teeth that can be used in conjunction with dental implants include crowns, bridgework, and implant-supported overdentures.

Many effective tooth replacement options are available, including several types of dentures, bridgework, and dental implants. At American Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, Dr. Mostafa can help you select the right one for you. To learn more about your tooth replacement options, such as dentures, call our office in New Port Richey, FL, at (727) 376-9696.

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