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Top 5 Reasons To Consider Dental Implants

Have you heard about dental implants? The innovative tooth restoration method offered by your New Port Richey, FL, dentist, Dr. Ahmed Mostafa of American Family & Cosmetic Dentistry can help you fill gaps in your smile. These five implant benefits can help you decide if dental implants are right for you.

Fully rooted new teeth

Only dental implants make it possible to recreate your entire missing tooth. Implants serve as the roots of your new teeth. They're connected to dental crowns that restore the top, visible parts of teeth. Once both parts are attached, you'll have a fully functioning tooth that looks like the tooth you lost.

Dental implants in New Port Richey FL are small posts that are added to your jawbone during minor oral surgery. The posts are made of titanium, a metal that easily fuses to bones. In about three to six months, your new roots will be completely bonded to your jawbone. Thanks to the unique bonding ability of titanium, your new roots will probably never need to be replaced.

The ability to eat anything you want

You may have to give up certain foods if you choose a restoration method that only replaces the tops of teeth. Without roots, it can be difficult to chew some types of meat or enjoy raw fruits and vegetables. Fortunately, that won't be a problem when you have dental implants. You'll be able to eat anything you want because your synthetic roots are firmly rooted in your jawbone.

Protection for your jawbone

Without constant stimulation from tooth roots, your jawbone may begin to shrink. Eventually, it may be unable to support your teeth or facial muscles. If this happens, your teeth may loosen, and your lower face may begin to sag. Dental implants press on your jawbone, providing the stimulation that keeps the bone strong.

More than one option

Are you concerned that implants from your New Port Richey FL dentist might not be a good choice for you because you've lost more than one tooth? Dental implants are just as effective at replacing multiple teeth as they are at restoring a single missing tooth. Implant-supported bridges and dentures can be added to your mouth with just a few supporting implants.

Easy care

If you can brush and floss your teeth, you can take care of dental implants. Daily flossing is particularly important, as it prevents infections. Good daily care, in addition to regular visits to the New Port Richey FL dental office, will keep your implants in good condition.

Restore your missing teeth with dental implants! Call your dentist in New Port Richey, FL, Dr. Ahmed Mostafa of American Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, at (727) 376-9696 to schedule your appointment.

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