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Why Should I Choose Dentures?

Why Should I Choose Dentures?

Missing teeth, whether due to damage or aging, can make everyday life uncomfortable, and have a negative impact on your oral and total body health.

When the jaw is left with gaps from missing teeth, it can lose support and began collapsing, and a hindered ability to bite and chew can leave you with nutrient deficiency. And of course, there is the aesthetic component of an incomplete smile.

If you are suffering from tooth loss, dentures may be the perfect solution. With full or partial dentures, you can restore the structure and function of your mouth, and have a smile you feel confident flashing.

At American Family & Cosmetic Dentistry in New Port Richey, FL Dr. Ahmed Mostafa can fit you with dentures that are comfortable, effective and attractive.

Here are some of the benefits of dentures:


Dentures consist of artificial teeth attached to a base that mimics the gums. Designed to fit snugly over the jaw bone, dentures are discreet and fashioned to look natural. The base is colored in a pink hue that matches the natural gums, and the artificial teeth are formed to match the size, shape and color of natural teeth.

With dentures form our New Port Richey office, you can restore your smile to one you feel good about showing off.


Dentures are designed to work just like natural teeth. The base of dentures uses suction so they stay in place, allowing you to bite, chew and talk without the worry of shifting in your mouth. At night time, dentures are removed for cleaning and stay out while you sleep.


Tooth loss can diminish the support your facial structure needs. Left untreated, missing teeth can cause the face to droop and lead to health problems throughout the body.

Dentures from our New Port Richey office give you back not only necessary oral support, but the ability to comfortably and thoroughly chew nutritious foods like crunchy vegetables and nuts. The consumption of healthy foods is key to overall wellness.

If you are missing teeth, consider dentures from American Family & Cosmetic Dentistry in New Port Richey, FL. Call us today at 727-376-9696.

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