Partial Crowns for Damaged Back Teeth

Treating cavities as quickly as they are noticed is a very important step toward making sure our smiles remain healthy and ultimately complication and pain-free. Dental fillings are the traditional approach and the best solution for most cavities. But for back teeth, and especially if they are damaged, partial crowns are the answer. Our New Port Richey, FL, dentist of American Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, Dr. Ahmed Mostafa, can help us determine what's best for our smile. Your New Port Richey dentist also offers same-day crowns.

Why Back Teeth Are Important 

Our back teeth, or molars, are the ones responsible for the majority of the chewing our mouth performs. Their shape allows them to grind food to make it digestible. But it's also this shape and their function that makes them more likely to develop cavities. It's a reason why young children have often been prescribed sealants specifically for these teeth.

Why Partial Crowns 

What we refer to as a partial crown is also called a lab-made filling because of its use. When our dentist fills in a cavity, they first remove all the affected areas of the tooth in an effort to halt the decay. To return the function, and appearance, of the tooth a dental filling is usually enough. But if the tooth has lost significant structure something stronger is needed, more so with molars since we want them to be as strong as possible. So a partial crown restores the damaged area beyond the capability of a regular filling, but without completely having to reshape the tooth as a full dental crown requires.

Same-Day Crowns in New Port Richey, FL

An added bonus of our local office is the availability of the same-day crowns technology, which means that the crown can typically be manufactured and bonded onto our smile on the same day at the New Port Richey, FL, office.

Come into American Family & Cosmetic Dentistry with Dr. Mostafa for a consultation to learn if partial crowns are the best treatment for you. For anyone living in or near the area of New Port Richey, FL, you can dial (727) 645-6999.

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